Building a Small Business Service Desk

A Service Desk is the central point for all communications between the Information Technology department and the rest of the business.  The Service Desk has been given many other names in the past such as the Help Desk or Technical Support Center.  The main difference between a Service Desk and either the Help Desk or Technical Support Center is that a Service Desk focuses on being the Service provider that helps get the business need to the right person in the Information Technology department.

Building an IT Service Desk would require several key ingredients

  • Technical Staff
  • Defined Process on who to contact for what
  • Software to Record and Track Requests
  • Method for the Business to Submit their Request

These ingredients are really on the 4000 foot level, but for a small start-up company this can be easily accomplished with one tech guru who has a print out of all the IT Staff and what applications they support.  The business emails or calls this guru who keeps track of the requests in a Spreadsheet.  Simple enough right?  Throw out the multi-million dollar software, staff of 400, and this is the bare bones Service Desk.

Most Service Desks are more complicated than that!

So if you are starting a Service Desk from the ground up the easiest way to build the desk is to start from the front to the back.  In other words, first define how your business will contact the Service Desk.  Will you accept phone calls? emails? chat messages? walk-ups? web submissions? etc….

Then define who you need to contact and how to contact them.  Does the IT Staff prefer email?  Can we have them go to a single database to track their tickets?  Would a full blown ITSM Software Suite be in order?

Lastly, with the combination of answering how they will contact the Service Desk and how the Service Desk would contact the IT staff you can easily determine what level of Technical Skills your staff needs to be at and what mechanism you will store the Service Requests.

Best of luck in Starting the Service Desk.